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Our History

Est. 2005

A group of residents met in the summer of 2005 and in the autumn of that year a public meeting was held at St Barnabas Hall. Alwoodley, when it was agreed to form a steering group to try to establish a new Parish Council in Alwoodley.

Over the next year the group gathered enough signatures on a petition from Alwoodley residents to create the parish in part of the Alwoodley city ward, and it was submitted to Leeds City Council in October 2006.

The council approved the petition which was forwarded to the Secretary of State for the Environment. In November 2007 the Environment Secretary approved the petition and an Order in Council to establish the parish council was signed on February 18 2008, with the first election on May 1, 2008. Eleven councillors were to be elected. The election was held on that date with 16 candidates for the 11 places.

The result was:


  • Leonard Fineberg 1397
  • Carol Allen 1304
  • Lyn Buckley 1287
  • David Kent 1276
  • Jerry Pearlman 1208
  • Neil Buckley 1206
  • Judith Williams 1191
  • Roger Gilbert 1186
  • Susan Smith 1117
  • Jonathan Brown 1107
  • Amy Robinson 104

Not Elected

  • Bobbie Syrett 993
  • Richard Hainsworth 953
  • Gwenda Palmer 879
  • John Macalevey 767
  • Warren Hendon 443

Councillor Leonard Fineberg was elected chairman at the first meeting on May 10 2008. He was succeeded by Councillor David Kent on May 10 2010.

The elected councillors served until May 2011 when a second election was due. However only ten candidates for the eleven places put their names forward and they formed the council.

Those elected were:

Carol Allen, Neil Buckley, Lyn Buckley, Jerry Pearlman. David Kent, Susan Smith, Judith Williams, Richard Hainsworth, Peter Rice and Jeff Miles. Councillor Kent continued as chairman and was succeeded by Councillor Lyn Buckley on May 13 2013. Councillor Miles resigned from the council through ill health and two new councillors were co-opted by other members of the council: Veronica Shackleton and Carol Hughes.

The third election was due in May 2015 but only eight candidates put their names forward:

Carol Allen, Neil Buckley, Lyn Buckley, Judith Williams, Jerry Pearlman, Susan Williams, Richard Hainsworth and Ian Greenberg. Councillor Lyn Buckley was re-elected as chairman. Subsequently co-opted on to the council were Roderic Parker, Ramesh Khetani and Trupti Acharya.

Alwoodley Parish Council boundary
Alwoodley Parish Council boundary