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It took almost two years for the Outdoor Gym project to come to fruition and once it was finally installed it has proved very popular with all ages.  Initially, and worryingly, it seemed to be monopolised by very young children but we started to notice a gradual rise in the average age of users.  It is equipment aimed at older children and adults of all ages, the idea being that exercising in the fresh air is particularly beneficial to health.

After the Parish Council agreed to move ahead with the idea, a working party was formed to look into costs and the possibility of Alwoodley having its own outdoor gym.  Further investigation by the working party revealed many outdoor gyms in and around Leeds often tucked away in small parks. Some of the equipment seemed more inviting and user friendly than others and we were pleased we had gone to look at some of the gyms rather than rely on photos in catalogues.

The project evolved slowly with many changes taking place during the process, sometimes due to discontinued lines and sometimes because we thought a change would be an improvement.  Some residents were involved in the Public Consultations we held at the proposed site on the Village Green.  We found this consultation process very useful, and not only did it prompt us to add what has turned out to be the most popular piece of equipment, the air strider, we also added a second bike because a surprising number of women said they would like to chat with a friend while exercising.  It also made us realise just how enthusiastic the majority of the people we spoke to were about the idea.  So, the initial five pieces of equipment, for various reasons, somehow ended up becoming nine!

We held a successful Open Morning a few weeks after the installation and provided a fitness instructor to demonstrate how to use everything properly and give advice. There are instructions on each one but it’s always nice to be shown.

So, it’s there, it’s free to use, and it’s yours!   We hope you enjoy keeping fit.

Please note: on recommendation from the manufacturer, this equipment is not suitable for young children.

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