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Planting of Trees on King Lane

The Parish Council decided to look into the possibility of planting trees along King Lane in front of the Buckstones and in May 2011 a site visit took place with a representative from the Arboretorial team of Leeds City Council.

Issues involved were:

The trees should ideally be native/local, e.g. oak and birch

Flowering trees, such as cherries and also laburnum and hawthorn, for example, could also be planted at 70 yard intervals in order to give the illusion of an avenue.

Small trees planted would catch up with larger ones within 5 years.

November would be an ideal time for planting.

They would need to be well watered for two years and stakes would be needed initially.

A plan of underground services would need to be obtained before the trees could be planted.

Following unexpected delays 26 trees were planted in February 2013 and were chosen to give a variety with a mixture of different blossoms and berries.

Tree planting in 2013

The following year saw them survive snow, waterlogged ground, high winds and drought and they are looking healthier as time goes by.

Picture taken in Spring 2017

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