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King Lane Wildflowers

In 2013 a flowerbed on King Lane was created and planted by the Parks & Countryside Department.  This bed was part of a pollination experiment involving several Universities and in 2013 the  project ended.

As this project had proved very popular and received many favourable comments the Parish Council decided to expand this idea and three beds were planted on the West side of King Lane including land at the corner of the Village Green opposite Tesco Express.

The particular flowers used were perennials, with a lifespan of three years.

The wildflower beds were very successful during the Summer of 2014 but, unfortunately, 2015 was a different story.  Although there were plenty of healthy blooms in the beds there was also an abundance of tall weeds, especially dandelions.

In view of this, and on the recommendation of Parks & Countryside, the Parish Council decided continue with the project but annuals would be planted rather than perennials, which has been very successful.

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